Keep Paper Products In Place While Driving

keep paper products in place

March 12, 2013

How to prevent paper products from unraveling when driving an RV. A TrailerLifeTV original video. For more trailer videos, go to

A Quick Guide to Generator Care and Maintenance

When the generator cover has been removed, take this opportunity to give an overall visual inspection for any disconnected or loose wires as well as oil or fuel leaks. Gently clean out dirt or cobweb build up as you familiarize yourself with the normal appearance of your generator before there is a problem.

Bill and Jenn Gehr
March 1, 2013

Much of the freedom we enjoy by traveling in a motorhome can be attributed to the benefits of self-containment, which is supported in large part by the onboard AC generator. Travel anywhere you wish and with the push of a button, you have full access to myriad options such as heating food in the microwave,... Read more »

How to Install a Motorhome Tank Monitor

how to install a motorhome tank monitor

February 14, 2013

Watch as we show you how to install a non-invasive holding tank monitor for your RV. A TrailerLifeTV original video.

How To Help Your Radiator Keep the Engine Cool

1: Before starting, we gathered the two types of cleaners and pump-up adjustable sprayer.

E. Don Smith
December 5, 2012

As you drive your motorhome, the engine generates a tremendous amount of heat. A quick walk behind a rear-engine diesel coach while it’s idling is all it takes to better understand how much heat is produced during operation. The law of conservation of energy teaches us energy cannot be created or... Read more »

Quick Tips: Silence Your RV Shades

RV Shade Holder

September 10, 2012

Driving a motorhome is a task that requires your full attention and the last thing you want is to be distracted by your window shades while steering 30,000 pounds down the road. In many coaches, the front passenger seat window as well as the driver’s side window and the entry door have a retractable... Read more »

Corrosion Prevention


Rich Johnson
September 7, 2012

Life is tough on anything made of metal that lives outdoors. Rust is a constant threat. But beyond that, there’s a form of cannibalism that takes place when different types of metals come into direct physical contact with each other. Dry contact between dissimilar metals is no problem, but when an... Read more »

Quick Tips: Keep Your King Bed Covered

RV King Bed Sheet Tip

September 3, 2012

I created this solution for a king-size bed where it is difficult to get a fitted sheet on because the bed is blocked on three sides. I purchased two double-size flat sheets, placed them together, and then sewed them across the bottom and halfway up each side. I put this on top of the mattress, no tucking... Read more »

Quick Tips: Simple Hose Control

Hose Manifold

August 28, 2012

I have hoses to the water softener and filter, coach city-water inlet, macerator and holding tank flush on my motorhome, and I have been using a group of Y hose connectors that have not worked very well. To simplify the process, I used good old American ingenuity and built a water manifold that has the... Read more »

Quick Tips: Stop Pantry Slide

Can Divider

August 22, 2012

I got tired of my canned goods sliding all over and making noise while traveling in my motorhome, so I bought a lingerie divider and put it in my pantry cabinets. Now everything is held in place, even the cooking oil, when I arrive in camp. You can put together as many of the dividers as you need, and... Read more »

Double-Duty Awning

solar lights

July 31, 2012

We often camp in areas where the dirt is very hard to penetrate. Putting solar lights in the ground can be a trying experience. Recently, we started putting them in the bottom brackets of our awning legs. Each of the two holes holds one plastic-based solar light. It looks very attractive and is easy... Read more »

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