by Bob Carpenter and Chris Hemer
July 31, 2014

  Understanding how motorhome batteries operate, and how to maintain them, can lead to EASIER travels When all goes well on an RV trip, we rarely stop to reflect on the systems and components we... Read more »

Battery Maintenance


January 23, 2014

  Topping up your battery’s cells with water is a necessary part of RV maintenance procedures and the HydroLink Watering System from Trojan Battery Company can simplify that sometimes-messy chore,... Read more »

Better Battery Access

battery case

February 1, 2013

Our house battery is in a vented battery box located in a storage area under the couch. Accessing the battery requires removing a dozen screws, some of which are difficult to reach. In order to connect... Read more »

Bubbling Battery

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 28, 2013

This is in regard to “Battery Exploded” from Bobby Ratliff in the September 2012 issue. Your reply stated, “Weak or old batteries, particularly with faulty cells, tend to outgas even more.” About... Read more »

Dinghy Battery Tip Two

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 18, 2013

This is in regard to “Dinghy Battery Tip” in the December 2012 issue. I have a 1995 Bounder that was having a moderate drain caused by various components when I wasn’t able to plug in. It drove... Read more »

Upgrade Battery Capacity With a Simple Retrofit


Larry Doyle
January 8, 2013

Ever wish you could add more battery capacity to your Class C motor­home, just like you might find in the big Class A coaches? Here’s an alternative that just might fit the bill without breaking the... Read more »

Genset Quits

ken freund

December 17, 2012

I have a 2008 Holiday Rambler Admiral Class A with an Onan Marquis Gold 5500 gasoline generator. When running for about five minutes it will start to choke and then shut off. The gas tank is full. This... Read more »

RV Battery Tray Trick

schematic final

December 3, 2012

After having the release cable mechanism to my motorhome’s battery tray fail a number of times, I unhooked it and bolted a set of L-brackets on the tray and the frame. The tray is on rollers so now... Read more »

The Battery Mat, Battery Acid Absorber

The Battery Mat, battery acid absorber

Bob Livingston, Publisher
November 28, 2012

Recently, a friend was working on his batteries neatly mounted in an exterior compartment. He was proud of his system: multiple 8Ds positioned systematically and filling up the compartment with a precision... Read more »

Pro-Fill RV Battery Watering Systems

Pro-Fill RV Battery Watering Systems

Bob Livingston
October 29, 2012

Using golf cart batteries to provide 12-volt DC house power is efficient and cost effective. It’s common practice to replace two 12-volt batteries wired in parallel with 6-volt golf cart counterparts... Read more »

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