TOC: June 2008

JUNE 2008


Compact Coach House

The Class C Platinum II 241XL FS




The 40MH32 ST is a robust all-weather Class C


Immense Nest

Flying the coop in the Blue Bird Wanderlodge


Easy, Breezy Upgrade

Enjoy fresh air in the palm of your hand with Fan-Tastic Vent’s
remote-controlled Model 6600


In-Dash Video

Dashboard devices for the tech-savvy traveler


All That Glitters

A treasure-trove of Montana mining history awaits


Bluegrass Bounty

Kentucky’s abundant state parks


Cache River Wetlands

Get away to southernmost Illinois’ swampy retreat


Site Savings

Learn the ins and outs of camp-for-less programs


RV Park Etiquette

A guideline for proper camping manners



Building an office in your motorhome



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