TOC: June 2004

JUNE 2004


MH Preview

Scottsdale Model 3456: Entry-level luxury


MH Preview

Adventurer 37B: B-model Winnebago gets two


Wet & Wild!

PWC are proof that fun comes in small packages


The Awakening

A road-ready checklist


Rx for Older RVs

Where to find parts for almost everything


Custom Accommodations

Project Tioga gets an interior facelift


One-of-a-Kind Motorhomes

If you can’t buy it, build it!


Where the Buffalo Roam

… is in South Dakota’s Custer State Park, where real cowboys
still corral bison — 1,500 of ’em — every year


It’s a Dog’s Life

Keep your traveling buddy happy and healthy


Hiding Out in the Black Hills

There’s more to South Dakota than stone monuments


Guidance From Above

Compact GPS units you can swap between coach and dinghy


Pipe Dreams

Pipestone National Monument is steeped in tradition


Gilroy Garlic Festival

130,000 people pay homage to the stinking rose




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