TOC: July 2005

JULY 2005


Pace Arrow 36D

Fleetwood RV adds 57-1/2 square feet of living space with its
first full-wall slide


100 Years — and


A centennial celebration of the United States Forest


Control Your Dinghy

Outfitting a vehicle and motorhome for heavy towing


Anatomy Lesson

When it comes to coach construction, beauty is more than skin


Getting in the “Swing” of Things

Myrtle Beach is an endless forest of flagsticks — but there’s
more to it than just golf


Step Lively

Are your coach’s automatic steps in need of replacement?


Watch Where You Step

Upgrading an entryway with non-slip covers and motion-activated
night lights


Straddling the Continental Divide

Glacier National Park wasn’t named for its glaciers — but this
high-altitude wonderland is rife with them


Effigy Mounds National Monument

This historical preserve along Iowa’s banks of the Mississippi
River is a hiker’s delight


Come Sail Away

Wood floats — and at Port Townsend, Washington’s annual Wooden
Boat Festival, it floats in all shapes and sizes




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