TOC: April 2005

APRIL 2005


MH Test

Redesigned Class A boasts side-aisle floorplan and triple


Mandalay Presidio

New quad-slide coach from luxury Four Winds division


High C’s

Class C coaches are no longer considered smaller,
lesser-equipped alternatives to Class A luxury


Campsite Power Gremlins

How to deal with everything from overloaded circuits to polarity


When the Rubber Hits the Road

What’s round, black, holds air — and puts the “mobile” in


Tire Intelligence

SmarTire monitors air pressure — as you drive


Miles of Imagination

Missouri adds an Art Studio Tour to Scenic Byway 79


Crystal-Blue Persuasion

Crisp mountain air, cool, clear water — could the Great North
American RV Rally get any better?


All the World’s a Stage

Performed under the stars, outdoor dramas make history come


The Blaze of the Neon, the Roar of the Crowd

Las Vegas remains a family-vacation fantasyland


Viking Fest

Want to be Norwegian for a weekend? Velkommen til Poulsbo,


Big Cat Country

Home to more than 100 amazing animals, Turpentine Creek Wildlife
Refuge is a little bit of Africa — deep in the heart of the Arkansas Ozarks




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