Danko Manufacturing — Rvibrake

Danko’s Rvibrake is a fully proportional portable braking system that weighs only 8 pounds, requires no installation and can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle in minutes, according to the company. The Rvibrake features One-Touch Auto Positioning technology that automatically positions the housing on the floor of the dinghy vehicle. The Rvibrake also comes with a wireless monitor that plugs into the motorhome’s 12-volt DC receptacle. MSRP: $1,250.
Rvibrake: 800-815-2159, www.rvibrake.com


Source of Stability: A few Source Engineering suspension modifications on motorhomes sitting atop the popular Freightliner XC chassis make a dramatic difference in handling and ride.

Smooth Sailing: Motorhome Suspension Upgrade

A simple yet well-engineered suspension upgrade from Source Engineering takes the rock-and-roll out of Freightliner XC-based motorhomes with I-beam front suspensions, improving handling and...
Pet Pail from Pet Partners Worldwide

Pooch Pail: 10 Must-Have Items for Fido

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Roadmaster FitMaster app

Roadmaster App

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Furrion Cooktop

RV Galley Gear

Furrion’s dual-burner induction cooktop delivers maximum performance and efficiency in your motorhome’s kitchen. Now you can cook like a pro in your motorhome. Furrion’s induction...
50 inch Furrion RV TV

Upgrade Your RV’s TV

Furrion’s 50-inch LED takes movie night to new heights. Watching TV in your motorhome has become a true theater-like experience. Furrion’s new 50-inch UHD TV...