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The Tri-Lynx 12-LED model has motion and dusk/dawn sensors.

By Kevin Livingston
December 22, 2014
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A trio of Tri-Lynx LED fixtures use motion and dawn/dusk sensors to help keep owners out of the dark


It seems that no matter how well-equipped your motorhome is with all the latest and greatest in technology and trinkets, there’s always something lacking. For example, just when you think that every nook and cranny is completely out of the dark, you find that you could use more lighting.  Everyone is on the LED bandwagon these days and there are a wide variety of fixtures suitable for RVs. Tri-Lynx, a longtime supplier to the RV industry, has a slightly different approach to alternative add-on LED lighting, with a line of new battery and solar Tri-Lynx Lites.

Tri-Lynx lights are offered in battery and solar configurations.

Tri-Lynx lights are offered in battery and solar configurations.

The company followed the same path when designing all three versions of its new Tri-Lynx Lites, which are meant to be permanently and/or temporarily mounted, depending on the situation. Key components include motion and dusk/dawn sensors, and a clever mounting plate.

Three LEDs are used in the smallest model and they can be triggered by a built-in motion sensor, making it perfect for adding just enough light for occupants to move about safely in hallways and bathrooms during the slumber hours. The motion sensor is actively tripped within a 6- to 9-foot range; the light operates on three AAA batteries. Contributing to system versatility, the housing can be mounted to the provided Slide N’ Lock plate or it can simply be removed from the plate and secured to a metal surface by way of four strong built-in magnets.

The second style of Tri-Lynx Lites is similar in shape and size to the three-light model and utilizes the same motion sensor and Slide N’ Lock plate or magnet mounting, but the 12-LED layout makes it much brighter. Complementing the motion sensor is a dawn/dusk sensor, which makes a huge difference in extending battery life, since the lights are only activated in low-light conditions. The 12-LED format works exceptionally well for things like compartments or for lighting up the area when attaching a dinghy vehicle. It takes three AA batteries.

Magnets can be used to attach the lights to a metal surface or simply use the Slide N’ Lock plate, which accepts the three- or 12-LED housings and can be attached to just about any surface.

Magnets can be used to attach the lights to a metal surface or simply use the Slide N’ Lock plate, which accepts the three- or 12-LED housings and can be attached to just about any surface.

Tri-Lynx’s third LED product is completely different in form and function. This light has a triangular housing with six white LEDs in the lower panel while supporting a solar panel on top. The solar power unit shares the same daylight and motion-sensor technology, which is turned on for 25- to 30-second intervals. Like its kin, the six-light/solar model has magnets for mounting as well as two screw holes for a more permanent fixture; hook-and-loop strips are provided for even more installation options.
The Tri-Lynx Lites come in handy when extra lighting is needed and permanent wiring is not practical. I found the Slide N’ Lock plate to be incredibly versatile by allowing the light to be secured in multiple locations. Of course, the solar model needs exposure from the sun to operate and if it’s going to be used in places where the sun doesn’t shine, like under an awning, you’ll have to move it into the sun’s path during the day. The hook-and-loop strips make it easy to move it around.

We found numerous uses for these lights from lighting up the entryway to overcoming darkness inside storage compartments. The possibilities are virtually unlimited and these lights are inexpensive. Camping World sells all three models, with the smallest priced at $15; the 12-LED model sells for $17; and the solar version is $23.

Tri-Lynx | 800-463-5505 | www.trilynx.com


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One Response to “Handy Lighting”

  1. AlbetW. Veit on January 14th, 2015 2:32 pm

    I first read about the TriLynxl ites in the previous issue of MotorHome magazine (I’m a subscriber). I purchased three of them, and then found that the motion sensors didn’t work on any of them. I sent the company 3 e-mails, all of which they ignored. I returned them and got a refund.
    I’d respectively suggest that you do a better job of testing before praising a product.


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