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March 2, 2012
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Book Nook

I always had a problem with the books we carry in our motorhome. They would fall over, get disoriented, etc. I finally came up with the idea of using common dish drying racks. I just place one in an inside cabinet and fill it full of books instead of dishes. The cost is only $3 and there is no labor involved. They work beyond my expectations.

Curt Jefferies l Aurora, Colo.

This Little Light of Mine

The map light in our motorhome was a recessed unit with a convex lens. It was very bright and the light would shine in everyone’s eyes and was blinding at night. Having no luck finding a suitable replacement that would fit, I had a maple stand crafted and finished to match our coach’s interior. This allowed a typical shaded type of RV map light to be used. Now we actually use and enjoy the light and the original recessed cutout is completely covered.

Danny Lindstrom l Salinas, Calif.

Let the TV Remote Battles Cease

We have all at one time or another misplaced the TV remote. One simple solution to ensuring that it has its place, is to purchase and mount a glass case and attach it with hook-and-loop fastener beneath or on top of the TV. The remote is then inserted for safe keeping. My wife and I have been getting along much better now that the third person in our motorhome is not misplacing the remote.

Larry Ey l Bel Air, Md.

Hazard Light Reminder

When we reconnect our dinghy for travel we turn on the unit hazard lights. This enables us to check that the electrical lights are working on the dinghy before we pull out. To remember that we turned the hazard lights on before we pullout, we put a bungee cord on the steering wheel to remind us to turn them off. Of course, the bungee reminds us anytime we turn the hazard lights on, too.

Ray and Diana McCalment l Depew, Okla.

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One Response to “Quick Tips From MotorHome Readers”

  1. Kathy on March 2nd, 2012 1:42 pm

    We solved the lost remote problem by putting hook and loop fasteners on each side of the tv/dvd players and on the bottom of the remotes. They don’t even wander when we’re on the road and there’s no extra “stuff” to buy or clean.


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