A View Without the Chill

March 30, 2015
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I wanted the ability to keep the door open on chilly days to enjoy natural light, and my dog shared that sentiment, so I attached acrylic sheeting to the inside of the screen door. First, I took exact measurements of the inside dimensions where the screen spline meets the frame. At Lowe’s I bought an OPTIX 44-by-32-inch clear acrylic sheet that is .080 inches thick and qualified for two free cuts. The salesman cut two pieces per the layout and dimensions I provided.
I used 10 storm-door panel clips and small felt self-stick pads as a cushion between the sheeting and screen spline using sheet-metal screws. I filed down the curved part of the panel clips to allow more offset between the frame edge and the screw hole. Then, I spray-painted the clips white to match the door frame.
After measuring the screw hole position for each clip, I used an auger to create a dimple in the aluminum frame. Using the smallest drill bit available, I started a pilot hole and then proceeded with the drill size needed to accommodate the screws.

Jacquelin Leonard | Livingston, Texas


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One Response to “A View Without the Chill”

  1. Mary on April 8th, 2015 9:16 pm

    Great idea! I have seen motorhomes with doors open on chilly days and wondered how they kept the heat in. My dogs would love looking out the door. This project goes to the top of my “to-do list.” Thanks for keeping it simple.


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