Pacifica FE40E

1276237_pacifica_ext.jpgIn a world filled with luxurious motorhomes enhanced by four or five
slideouts, what’s the big deal about introducing a 40-foot Class A
diesel-pusher that only has three? Simply put, it’s not how many
slideouts the coach offers, it’s how big they are — and there’s serious
square footage in the full-wall slider that dominates the curbside of
National’s Pacifica FE40E. In addition, the Pacifica offers a long list
of standard features, moving this coach into the higher end of the
company’s lineup.


National RV bases the Pacifica on Freightliner’s XC raised-rail chassis
that, working in conjunction with the Pacifica’s DuraFrame system and
all-steel tubular coach body, is not welded directly to the chassis
frame rails but rides on a series of elastomeric body mounts. This
effectively isolates the coach body from much of the vibrations
generated while on the road, and that means a quieter ride. The
DuraFrame system’s structure also allows for easy-access pass-through
storage with basement doors that are hinged on the leading edge and open
forward and down at a 5-percent angle to provide ample room even while
the sliders are extended.

Our test Pacifica was the touring prototype for the new
full-wall-slideout floorplan — and that slider had already run more
than 4,000 cycles and continued to function perfectly throughout our
excursion to California’s Monterey Peninsula. This massive slider starts
back in the master bedroom and reaches forward to just behind the
passenger seat. It carries a sofa sleeper at the leading edge, followed
by an expandable dinette, storage/pantry and the dual-sink lavatory
across from the water closet and shower. The bedroom portion of the
curbside slide — yes, there’s more — continues into the master bedroom
that consists of a convertible makeup/computer station and 26-inch
flat-screen TV.

Opposite the 28-foot-long curbside slide, the forward
streetside slideout houses an ultraleather love seat, plus the major
portion of the galley. The full-wall slide combined with the two
streetside sliders makes it hard to imagine a motorhome with a more
spacious feeling than the Pacifica FE40E.

Overall, the full-wall slide proved to be a marvelous addition
and the Pacifica behaved with style and grace despite being battered by
incessant winds. This is one 40-footer that provides a perfect
introduction to larger Class A pushers.

For complete details and full test impressions of National RV’s
Pacifica FE40E, pick up the September 2007 issue of MotorHome magazine
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