Motion Control

Motorhome chassis manufacturers are getting better all the time at making their products
drive and handle like fine machines. The new Motion Control product from Henderson’s
Line-Up is an accessory that can help further stabilize a motorhome with air suspension and
reduce its tendency to rock and roll when driving on uneven terrain. The Motion Control
(MC) units function as variable-orifice air valves that change their airflow
characteristics on demand, and help regulate air movement in and out of the suspension’s
air bags. At times when suspension pressures would otherwise force air quickly from an
airbag, resulting in dramatic suspension reactions and extra body movement, the MC units
slow the airflow and smooth out the ride. Installing the MC units is simplicity itself.
Each end of the MC unit is equipped with a press-fit connector similar in function to a
Chinese finger trap. The air line can’t be budged from an MC unit under pressure, but by
pushing back the spring-loaded retaining ring, the line can be easily slipped from the
unit. One MC is installed close to each of the motorhome’s air bags. Our test coach was a
gently used 36-foot Winnebago Journey. We covered the same driving route twice, once stock
and once with the MC units installed. There was a noticeable difference in stability,
especially in spots with dramatic side-to-side body rocking action, with the MC units in
place. MC units are available to fit 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-inch air lines, which cover most
air-bag-equipped coaches on the road. They’re stickered at $189, $209 and $249 MSRP per
pair, respectively, and carry a lifetime warranty as well as a satisfaction guarantee. If
you try them and aren’t satisfied, you return the product and Henderson’s will refund your
investment. For our further impressions on Motion Control, pick up the February 2004 issue
of MotorHome — then subscribe to MotorHome so
you can stay informed on the latest products and technical information, motorhome tests and
previews, and travel info. Henderson’s Line-Up, 417 SW Marion Lane, Grants Pass, Oregon
97527; (800) 245-8309;


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