Allegro Bay 37QDB

Until recently, Class A motorhome buyers have had only two principal choices when selecting
the type of chassis their motorhome would be built on: front engine-based gas models that
top out somewhere above $200,000, or rear-engine diesel-pushers that begin retailing short
of a gasser’s higher end, but range significantly upward from there. Fortunately, a couple
of revolutionary new concepts in chassis design have essentially doubled the chassis
choices for new Class A motorhomes — without the traditionally high costs normally
accompanying many of their benefits. Cost is one thing, however; performance is another
matter entirely. During a recent odyssey into one of the West Coast’s numerous national
forests, we had the opportunity to discover how well one of the first manufacturers to
build on one of these new frameworks — Freightliner’s front-engine diesel (FRED) — was
able to adapt to the new underpinnings. The coach in question, Tiffin Motorhomes’ new
Allegro Bay 37QDB, made our “experiment” all the more interesting, in that this line was
previously only available with a gas chassis. Tiffin’s sprawling 37QDB quad-slide floorplan
begins with an open front living room, followed by a large galley and dining area of
generous proportions. Connecting the front areas to the rear of the coach is a streetside
aisle that provides access to a single-door bathroom and the master bedroom. The Allegro
Bay 37QDB is priced at a comparatively reasonable $152,010 base msrp. With roughly $16,000
worth of options added to the unit, the as-tested price of $168,600 still puts this coach
in the ballpark for many who heretofore did not think they could afford a diesel. If you’ve
longed for the power, economy and reliability of a diesel motorhome, but haven’t quite been
able to come to terms with the price of such coaches, Tiffin’s feature-laden Allegro Bay
37QDB floorplan, built atop a robust Freightliner front-engine diesel chassis, may just be
the answer. Whether full-timer, weekender, sometimer or anywhere in between, there is a lot
to like about this well-built, potent and reasonably priced performer. For complete details
and full test impressions of Tiffin’s Allegro Bay 37QDB, pick up the January 2007 issue of
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