For Justice Thomas, Wife, RVing Is ‘a Wonderful Life’

2250577_clarencethomas.jpgOne of the favorite places for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and
wife Ginni to grab some sleep is in a Wal-Mart parking lot, Mrs. Thomas
told National Public Radio on Wednesday (Aug. 5).

Here is a link to the radio interview:



In fact, the Washington power couple spends each summer touring the
United States in their 40-foot Prevost motorhome, she said. The justice
and his wife have cruised through 27 states since buying their used
recreation vehicle in 1999.

“We have found it’s a wonderful life,” Ginni Thomas told National Public Radio from upstate New York on Wednesday.

“We have been in dozens of Wal-Mart parking lots throughout the
country,” she added. “It’s one of our favorite things to do if we’re not
having to plug in and we’ve got enough electricity.”

She said that their joy in traveling has only been slightly
tempered by the overwhelming to-do they occasionally get when other
campers identify the high court justice.

“Clarence gets recognized every once in a while and that sort of
puts a damper on things because when we’re out, we kind of like to be
incognito, if you know what I mean,” she said, noting they stopped
traveling to one campsite because 20 or 30 people would greet them each


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