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New multistage chargers from REDARC use solar power for motorhome house batteries

Need to keep your motorhome’s house batteries charged? REDARC’s Dual-Input BCDC in-vehicle battery chargers provide multistage charging while driving. Designed for any vehicle with a secondary battery bank that can be charged by the engine alternator, the 12-volt DC, 25-amp BCDC1225D ($369.96); the 12-volt DC, 40-amp BCDC1240D ($429.72); and the brand-new 12-volt DC, 50-amp BCDC1250D ($476.29) feature a fully integrated MPPT solar-panel regulator for efficient charging from a solar array (and can charge simultaneously with the alternator). The BCDC1250D has separate vehicle DC and solar inputs, which REDARC says simplifies the installation process. Plus, its built-in Green Power Priority means the unit will automatically select solar charging first, whenever available.
All of REDARC’s BCDC compact in-vehicle battery chargers can be mounted in a variety of locations in the motorhome, and include features like fully sealed electronics and fan-free cooling. All REDARC products come with a two-year warranty and a helpful technical support service.
REDARC | 704-247-5150, www.redarcelectronics.com


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