Thetford’s Aqua-Magic Style Toilet

939385_thetford_aqua_magic.jpgRenovating an old house isn’t always the best investment, but most
real-estate agents note that upgrading two rooms — the kitchen and
bath — will generally pay dividends. Not surprisingly, those two areas
also rank among the top upgradable areas in a motorhome.

Thetford’s new Aqua-Magic Style china bowl/plastic-base combo
toilets offer a contemporary, homelike appearance — and a number of
notable extras. According to the company, the Style Plus and Style Lite
units boast the industry’s first anti-microbial seal that inhibits the
growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold. Both models also incorporate a
change in mechanism design, featuring a ball that wipes clean with
every flush, and convenient single-pedal flush. They also have a taller
height and full-size residential seat for added comfort. Available in
white and bone tones, and high and low profiles (high Style Plus also
available in black). Both models carry a three-year warranty, with
lifetime warranties on the china bowl.

Thetford/Norcold, (734) 769-6000,


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