The IllumaGrip Assist Handle

1216837_illuma_grip.jpgYou don’t have to be elderly to need assistance when maneuvering through
a relatively narrow, vertical motorhome entryway. At night, it also
helps to have a bit of light to mark the way. The IllumaGrip Assist
Handle, from Manufacturers’ Select by ITC, helps to solve both dilemmas.

Using regulated LED light technology, the solid acrylic handles
feature embedded reflective lines for maximum light output. According
to the company, the LED bulbs draw little amperage and have a life
expectancy in excess of 20,000 hours. The handles are said to remain
cool to the touch, and feature corrosion-resistant 304 brushed or
polished stainless-steel end caps. Available in various styles and
lengths, IllumaGrip Handles range in length from 18 inches to nearly 35

Manufacturers Select by ITC, (888) 871-8860; 


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