Sunguard Tire Savers

1908037_sun_saver_tire_saver.jpgThe most efficient way to increase tire life during storage is to stop
the penetration of damaging ultraviolent rays. Tire guards prevent this,
but they can be difficult to use, often requiring one to kneel down and
wrap them around the tires. This can be awkward to do and creates a
grimy situation in which one’s clothes can become dirty or snagged.

Sunguard Tire-Savers can be snapped into place — eliminating
the need to bend or kneel down in the dust or mud. Tire-Savers lay flat,
so they’re also easy to store: simply roll them up and tuck them away
in their storage bag.

Sunguard Tire-Savers come with a six-year warranty. Choose from nine colors and three fastener options.


Visit Sungard or call (888) 786-4827 for more information.


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