Lead By Example With CS Series LED Lights

844237_led.jpgRenovating an older coach? It’s the perfect time to consider swapping
out those tired incandescent light indicators for more durable LEDs. The
new CS Series LEDs from Wilbrecht Electronics are a drop-in fit for
standard small-size 0.236-inch (6mm) holes and are designed with a
neoprene gasket/washer to seal out water. As noted by the manufacturer,
these CS LEDs offer secure fastening with hex nuts and spacers for
panel-mount applications; made with a tough reflective, nickel-plated
brass housing, the LEDs are ideal for control panels, instrumentation
and front-panel fault indicators that are exposed to harsh environments.

Suitable for new and retrofit applications, the CS Series LEDs
come standard with built-in resistors (for use in up to 12 volts DC) and
are available with either bare pins or insulated wire leads. Available
in a variety of color states, including single color, bi-color,
tri-color and blinking, the LEDs are claimed to be daylight-readable and
require low current draw.

Wilbrecht Electronics, (888) 323-8751, wilbrecht.com


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