Fiberglass Stain Remover Tackles Any Dirty Challenge

1834867_Fiberglass stain remover.jpgUgly fiberglass stains are an eyesore and can be hard to remove without
damaging the surface. Users can save time and effort with versatile
Fiberglass Stain Remover (FSR) from Davis Instruments. The unique,
non-abrasive gel conquers rust, oil, exhaust, waterline and transom
stains on white-painted and gelcoat surfaces. On trailered boats and
RVs, FSR effortlessly removes road dirt. The gel is great for cleaning
shower stalls and patio furniture and removing rust stains from
clothing, sail cloth and even steel stanchions and railings.

Requiring no sanding or compounding, FSR is easily applied with
a brush, sponge or cloth. Because it’s a gel, it remains only on the
stained area and won’t drip. With just a quick wipe or rinse after a few
minutes, the surface will look like new.

The suggested retail price for a 16-fluid ounce container of
Davis FSR is $10.99. A 67.8-fluid ounce Big Job jug is $29.99. For
ordering information, call Davis Instruments at (510) 732-9229 or go to Davis. 


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