Eze RV Gutters

824221_eze_rv_gutter.jpgRain can be cleansing – but first it has to wash all thatdirty buildup
from the roof of your RV. And, since water follows the path of least
resistance, that usually translates into ugly streaks running down the
sides of your once-pristine motorhome. To avoid the campground shame of
coach streaks, secure The Original Eze RV Gutter above the windshield
and windows, or along the roof. The UV-protected, flexible poly-vinyl
gutters adhere to your motorhome with acrylic foam tape and will not
shake loose when properly installed, claims the company.

Available in ultra-white, off-white, gray and black (which
owners of darker RVs will especially appreciate), Eze RV Gutters come in
10-foot, 50-foot and 100-foot rolls, as well as custom lengths, and can
be self-installed with little more than a utility knife, a pruning
shears and a toothbrush handle.

Essential Products, (800) 560-7147, rvgutters.com.


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