A Vac of All Trades

Searching for a multipurpose tool for practical motorhome use that rivals the famous Swiss
army knife? The Auto Power from California Car Cover Company is a compact, versatile
automotive vacuum that also can be used as an auto-battery charger.

753841_AVacofAllTrades.jpgThe vacuum features
enough suction power to clean up most messes, while the charger can re-energize almost
anything, from lead-acid batteries to mobile phones, portable razors and electric shavers,
according to the company.

The unit can also act as an air compressor to help inflate air
mattresses, automotive and bicycle tires and even basketballs. But wait, there’s more. Auto
Power also contains a flashlight/spotlight and a warning light for emergency situations.

Had enough? Not quite. There’s also a built-in power indicator that displays the amount of
power remaining in the unit. Now, if only it could cook meals. California Car Cover
Company, (818) 998-2100, calcarcover.com.


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