A Table for All Reasons

A Table for All ReasonsWhile we all tend to raid our pantries and kitchen cabinets when it
comes time to outfit the motorhome for a vacation, there usually isn’t
much in the way of furniture you can pull out of your house and utilize
inside an RV. However, Miller’s Amazing Magic Table isn’t exactly a
typical piece of furniture. In fact, it’s been patented.

Designed by full-time RVers who recognized the need to conserve space,
the table can be configured as anything from a dining table — extended
to full height with both side eaves in place, it measures 28 inches
high, with an 18 x 35-inch tabletop — to a footstool or a spare seat
(19 x 18 x 8-1/2 inches). Besides its height adjustability (it has five
levels), the tabletop can also rotate to either conceal or provide
access to a magazine rack built into its base. The Amazing Table is said
to be handcrafted of either oak, walnut, cherry or maple hardwoods.

Miller’s RV Interior Trim, (970) 227-1849, amazingmagictable.com


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