Wye Grist Mills

Wye Grist MillsBy the late 1600s, farmers on Maryland’s eastern shore were producing
bountiful supplies of corn and wheat. The first Wye Grist Mill for
transforming these products into usable flour was built at the current
site in 1682. The mill was automated in 1790 and hasn’t changed since.


On weekends, the mill’s aging timbers reverberate with the operation of
the big steel water wheel and massive French buhr grinding stones.

Volunteers demonstrate the stone-grinding process the first and
third Saturday of each month, and stone-ground flour is available for


The Wye Grist Mill and Museum is located on State Route 662 in the
town of Wye Grist Mill, 15 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
It’s open from April to November. For details, call (410) 827-6909.


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