National Historic Landmark Photo Contest Underway

National Historic Landmark Photo Contest

They are places where Americans have a great time, like the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster in
San Diego, and places where great Americans have lived, like Albert Einstein’s house in
Princeton, New Jersey.

Destination Michigan Colonial Ft. MichilimackinacAmerica’s 2,470 national historic landmarks are
tangible elements of our past – and they are all posing for a picture.”

America’s history
is all around us – and too often it just fades into the background,” said National
Park Service
Director Jonathan Jarvis. “The photo contest is a great way to
encourage people to explore these incredible places and share their experiences through
images. All it takes is a camera and a sense of adventure.”

The National Park Service’s
11th annual national historic landmark photo contest, “Imaging Our National Heritage,” is
underway and open to seasoned professional photographers and amateur shutterbugs.

photographs will be featured in the National Historic Landmarks Event Planner available
through the Government Printing Office. Search the NHL database to find a landmark near you or
look at a complete list at Participants may
enter one image per landmark and up to 10 images total. Images must be submitted through a
Flickr photo group at or search Flickr for the tag
:2010NHLPhoto Contest. More information and contest rules are online at Entries will be accepted
through September 10, 2010. Email questions to [email protected] National Historic
Landmarks are designated by the Secretary of the Interior because they possess exceptional
value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States. The
National Park Service manages the program, working with citizens throughout the nation
interested in nominating new landmarks and providing assistance to existing landmarks.


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