National Museum of World War II Aviation


An amazing display of World War II-era aircraft being restored in Colorado Springs


The National Museum of World War II Aviation in Colorado Springs, Colorado, opened in 2012 to explore the role aviation played in winning the war. Our guide, Phil Video ButtonHeacock, explained America’s isolationist policy prior to the war, the role of Rosie the Riveter women who built airplanes and the morale boost resulting from the successful first mission that launched bombers from an aircraft carrier.

WestPac Restorations, located in a hangar next to the museum, restores rusted-out shells to flying condition. Watching this remarkable transformation was the highlight of our docent-led tour. Often, these relics are recovered from holes in the ground where they were deliberately buried after the war. Props for the planes can’t simply be purchased; they must be recovered and repaired in the facility’s propeller shop. The Lockheed P-38 Lightning currently being restored will require four years to complete.

Two museum tours per day are offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, year-round, and reservations are recommended.

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