Montana’s National Historic Ranch

753499_NationalHistoricRanch.jpgOne of the most fascinating sights in southwestern Montana is not visible from the highway
that parallels it, but the Grant-Kohrs cattle ranch at Deer Lodge is worth leaving the road
for. Less than a mile away, cowboys are working and cattle are being driven.


Established in
1862, Grant-Kohrs became a national historic site in 1972. Conrad Kohrs once grazed his
cattle over 10 million acres, but in time, farmers fenced and markets changed, and he
finally had to sell his holdings. His wife, Augusta, loved the old home place and continued
to visit a grandson here until she died in 1945. The National Park Service rangers are
extremely knowledgeable and are happy to answer visitors’ questions about the ranch. For
directions or details, call (406) 846-2070.


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