Kids Explore Club

According to the National Arbor Day Foundation Web site, the amount of time American
children aged 6-8 spent playing outdoors decreased by four hours per week between 1981 and
1997. Unfortunately, the wonders of nature now place second to computers and electronic
game stations.

The foundation’s Kids Explore Club helps to “reintroduce” elementary
school-aged children to the great outdoors, where they can be active, learn, create
important connections with nature and, of course, have fun.

Membership in Kids Explore Club
includes a magic tree ring magnifier, explorer’s portfolio and 10 adventures “designed to
move the kids in your life from the television to the back door.”

Every aspect of the club
encourages participation and learning — and can only be enhanced during RV travels. For
more information, call (888) 448-7337, or go to


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