Crossroads: Dorris

Just south of Klamath Falls, Oregon, on U.S. Highway 97, Dorris has been called
California’s “highest” town (if you refer to north as being “up”). The people of Dorris,
however, have done something that gives the town recognition far beyond its placement on
the map.Under the sponsorship of the local chapter of Lions Club International, the
townsfolk put up America’s tallest flagpole–at least, they believe it is the tallest.
Dedicated on June 2, 1996, it’s 200 feet high.


The final cost of the Dorris flagpole,
$80,000 installed, was paid for by donations, most of them in $5 and $10 increments. It
took the Lions Club five years of pancake breakfasts, barbecue feeds and hat-passing to
raise the money. The flag now flying over Dorris weighs 65 pounds and is 1,800 square feet
of nylon. Sixty feet in length, it is bigger than any motorhome.


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