MH1702-Powersource Battery.indd

Corroded terminals and connectors provide resistance, which reduces the effectiveness of batteries. Battery-terminal spray can help prevent this.
series/Parallel Connect To increase both voltage and capacity, connect additional batteries in series and parallel. Four T-105, 6-volt Batteries rated at 225AH. Voltage: 12V (6V + 6V)System Capacity: 450AH (225AH + 225AH)


Furrion Cooktop

RV Galley Gear

Furrion’s dual-burner induction cooktop delivers maximum performance and efficiency in your motorhome’s kitchen. Now you can cook like a pro in your motorhome. Furrion’s induction...
50 inch Furrion RV TV

Upgrade Your RV’s TV

Furrion’s 50-inch LED takes movie night to new heights. Watching TV in your motorhome has become a true theater-like experience. Furrion’s new 50-inch UHD TV...
Optronics LED light

In the Spotlight

Lighting up an RV site when you’re away for the evening improves safety and enables you to see things clearly upon arrival. It can...