Automatic Dinghy Battery Disconnect

2156869_automatic_battery_disconnect.jpgIf you have a dinghy vehicle that requires that its battery cable be
disconnected before you tow — such as a late-model Buick Enclave, Chevy
Equinox Sport, Dodge Dakota, GMC Acadia, Hummer H2, Jeep Liberty or
Wrangler, Pontiac Torrent GXP, or Smart fortwo — Roadmaster’s Automatic
Battery Disconnect eliminates the need to pull the cable. After the
initial installation, the dinghy can be towed and then driven without
any adjustment to the battery.

The Automatic Battery Disconnect provides a constant current to
the battery during towing, as well as a power source for breakaway
systems or other accessories that must be connected to the battery, so
there’s always a full-charge on the battery during and after towing.

The Automatic Battery Disconnect has an msrp of $177 and is preassembled for easy installation.

Roadmaster, Inc., (800) 669-9690. 


  1. I recently had a mishap towing my 2014 ford fiesta with only 7,800 miles, the transmission fell apart, it’s currently at the dealers. I was initially told that the warranty would not cover the cost of repairs because it was towed. I’am preparing to have fight on my hands. Does anyone know of a similar situation and was it covered by the the warranty?


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