Quick Tips

RV tips that are tried and true, and really work, because they're all from MotorHome's readers

Quick Tip - Towel Rack Illustration

Rack ‘Em

Our 2012 Sunseeker has only a single towel ring in the bathroom. We have found that setup to be inadequate for long tours with...
Quick Tips - Remote Keeper

There’s the Remote!

I needed a solution on where to keep the remotes for our motorhome’s electronics. It needed to be handy, secure and accessible to all...
Quick Tips - Solo Cup and Solar Light

Motorhome Solar Light Hack: Red Solo Cups

In the December 2016 issue, an RVer offered a great suggestion for using an upside down clay flowerpot to hold solar lights (Solar-Light Night)....
Quick Tips - Pin It Map

Put a Pin in It

My wife and I have been traveling for about 15 years and we document our travels by purchasing pins at the locations we visit....
Quick Tips - Shower Caddy

Who’s Your Caddy?

We bought a shower caddy that was intended to be hung on the shower rod. Instead, we mounted it on a hat rack with...
Quick Tips- Funnel- illustration

Have Some Funnel

  Changing the oil on our Class A gas motorhome can be a hassle with the not-easy-to-reach oil inlet that is set back from the...
Quick Tips - Anti-Glare illustration

Vinyl Answer

  On our way home after picking up our new motorhome, my wife and I experienced a blinding glare from a reflection of the sun...
Quick Tips - Nozzle

Foam Foiler

  As a longtime RVer I have learned that diesel fuel foams (or blows back if there is no auto stop). To help with the...
Quick Tips - Sensor in Refrigerator Illustration

How Cool Is That?

  We have always been concerned about our refrigerator’s interior temperature, especially while boondocking. After installing a residential model, we wanted to monitor the interior...
Quick Tips Shower Bar

Shower Rod

  Living full time in our motorhome, I soon found out that there was little room to hang clothes that needed to air-dry after washing....


A Dometic RV refrigerator with doors open

Dometic’s RMD 10 a Cool add to Your RV

Dometic’s new generation RMD 10 series refrigerator is now available to consumers. Previously available only at the manufacturer level, the popular RMD 10 features...
Roadmaster Brake Monitor kit

Peace of Mind: Universal Brake Monitor and Switch

One of the biggest concerns a motorhome owner has while towing is the state of the dinghy vehicle’s brakes. Are they even being applied?...
Trillium Battery

Motorhome Battery Upgrade

Trojan Battery Co. announces the Trillium line of Intelligent Lithium batteries. With life expectancy of more than 5,000 cycles, Trillium batteries maximize total energy...
Furrion Wi-Fi System

RV Wi-Fi

Furrion helps RV owners stay connected on the road. We all depend on a reliable signal and Wi-Fi routing for many of our everyday activities,...
The Clearsource kit includes sediment and coconut shell activated carbon block filters. Plastic wrench, supplied with the system, is used to remove canisters and access filters.

Clean Water on the Road: Clearsource RV Water Filters

Clearsource premium two-canister RV-specific system, tucked into a stout housing, removes much of the bad stuff while streamlining the process