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Shurhold Water Spot Removal
Photo of motorhome batteries to illustrate battery upgrade article

Motorhome Battery Upgrade

Lifeline offers AGM models for house- and starting-power needs Although it is unpopular, battery maintenance is a necessary part of motorhome ownership and something that...
Cleaning an RV countertop with Voom Rv cleaner

The Right Stuff for Spring Cleaning Your RV

A motorhome’s interior may be a mix of carpet, fabric upholstery, leather/ultraleather, tile, stone, fiberglass and wood, each with its own cleaning regimen. It...
Older couple washing and cleaning the front of a motorhome

Awaken Your Motorhome with a Good Spring Cleaning

Keeping a motorhome clean, comfortable and safe is the best way to start the travel season — here’s how the pros do it For an...
While renovations can be a trial, Mark and Karen Souther wouldn’t trade their Safari Trek.

The Classic Ride: Quite the Trek

After an extensive renovation process, a couple is able to enjoy the 1993 Safari Trek Pathmaker of their dreams Mark and Karen Souther are...
The Clearsource kit includes sediment and coconut shell activated carbon block filters. Plastic wrench, supplied with the system, is used to remove canisters and access filters.

Clean Water on the Road: Clearsource RV Water Filters

Clearsource premium two-canister RV-specific system, tucked into a stout housing, removes much of the bad stuff while streamlining the process
Weighing a motorhome on a scale

Are Your Motorhome Tires Overloaded?

Even though we’ve been lectured for decades about the need to weigh our motorhomes – and that we should not just assume or hope...
Checking RV tire tread depth with a gauge

RV Tire Safety Checklist

In addition to maintaining proper tire pressure, these items should be on everyone's RV tire-safety checklist. ✔ TREAD WEAR LIMITS Tire guides published by Goodyear and...
holding tank valve

RV Sanitation Basics

Maintaining your motorhome's black-water and gray-water holding tanks will keep them operating efficiently, and stink-free. Motorhomes are a great way to travel for a number...
air temperature thermometer

Air Conditioner Tips

These maintenance procedures and routine tests help ensure cool air in your motorhome. Whether on the roof or in the basement area, motorhome air-conditioning units...
Water pressure regulator

10 Essential RV Spare Parts

Carry these inexpensive items to save time, money and trouble on the road. Finding an RV repair shop while you’re on the road can be...


Kampa Dometic Tent

Dometic’s New Products Expand Outdoor Living Space

Popular inflatable tents, awnings and other outdoor leisure products from Europe now offered globally under the Dometic-brand umbrella Dometic has announced its new portfolio of...
Garmin RV 785 GPS navigator that offers RV-specific navigation and a built-in dash camera.

New Garmin RV-Specific GPS

  Garmin introduces the new RV 785 GPS navigator that offers RV-specific navigation and a built-in dash camera. The RV 785 features a high-resolution 7-inch...
Burnie grill

Burnie Grill

Looking for a classic campfire experience without the hassle of buying and hauling bulky wood that takes up precious cargo space? The Burnie Grill...

Sponsored Content: REDARC BCDC Battery Chargers

New multistage chargers from REDARC use solar power for motorhome house batteries Need to keep your motorhome’s house batteries charged? REDARC’s Dual-Input BCDC in-vehicle battery...
Class A motorhome with zip dee awning

Two-stage Convenience

Awnings by Zip Dee now offers the Century 2, a roof-mounted awning designed to add awning strength without overextending into neighboring RV sites. The...