Atlanta Camping World/GoodSam Rally, October 17-20, 2013


by Roger Fenton
September 24, 2013

  Billed as The Greatest RV Rally in the World, the Atlanta Camping World/Good Sam Rally will take place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, in Hampton, Ga., just 30 miles south of Atlanta proper. • Rally Admission with RV Parking-2 adults dry camping $199. • Rally Admission with RV Parking-2 adults,... Read more »

Premium Video Access

2-TLTV Video April

Bob Livingston , Publisher
May 1, 2013

Everyone knows “real men” don’t read instructions. For guys, assembling a new product and figuring out how it works is supposedly intuitive. After all, it’s a guy thing. Unfortunately, too many of us end up with our tails between our legs as we muddle through tricky situations trying to save... Read more »

Confused Calendar

Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston, Publisher
January 31, 2013

When you’re in the magazine publishing business, your calendar is confusing. For example, as the March issue was assembled, we were putting final touches on the end-of-year holidays and packing a test coach for a trip to the California desert for some R&R and social time with a few other motorhome... Read more »

Running the Gamut

Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston, Publisher
January 4, 2013

In the month prior to press time for this issue, I spent a lot of time living in motorhomes. That’s fine with me; I’d rather work from a motorhome than be stuck in the office. My time evaluating coaches gave me the opportunity to compare the livability of rigs from opposite ends of the spectrum.... Read more »

Great Choices

Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston, Publisher
December 10, 2012

  Clearly, motorhome enthusiasts enjoy luxury and have a low threshold for discomfort. Consequently, all classes of motorhomes have evolved into well-equipped machines that provide the comforts of home with the added benefit of being able to explore new horizons. Case in point: Winnebago. The iconic... Read more »

Motorhome Traveling Tips

Joe and Vicki Kieva

Joe & Vicki Kieva
November 30, 2012

Planning when to go and how to get there adds to the anticipation of any motorhome road trip. Here are some thoughts to enhance the enjoyment of the journey. Consider traveling during the “shoulder” months of May, June, September and October. These months   experience mild weather and fewer travelers... Read more »

So Long To The Kievas

Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston, Publisher
November 28, 2012

When Joe and Vicki Kieva, authors of the “Life on the Road” column, called to let me know they were going to hang up their keyboards, it was time for reflection. Where did all the years go? At first I was surprised. As admitted RV junkies who love to help others, I couldn’t imagine that they were... Read more »

A Classy C

Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston, Publisher
October 22, 2012

When I got hooked on the RV lifestyle, motorhomes were a novelty. The motorized segment of the industry was experimenting with various configurations, many of which were quite comical when compared to today’s motorhomes. Pickup campers were plentiful, and probably were considered the most common “self-propelled”... Read more »

Staying Young

Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston
October 4, 2012

Is it possible that motorhome enthusiasts have found the fountain of youth? Everyone wants to look and feel younger, especially the majority of RVers, who are not exactly spring chickens. The RV lifestyle is a pretty simple prescription for feeling younger than our actual ages suggest. All we have to... Read more »

RV Hall of Fame

Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston
August 1, 2012

If you find yourself driving on I-80 in the northern Indiana city of Elkhart, you can’t help but notice the RV/MH Hall of Fame building. This beautiful structure is a living testament to the RV lifestyle and the people who dedicated their lives to the industry. While a monument to RVing may not have... Read more »

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