Banks Powerpack Diesel Tuner Test

Banks Powerpack Economind

Ken Freund
March 28, 2012

Many people buy motor­homes and then after driving them for a while, decide they’d like more power for accelerating onto highways, passing and climbing long grades. This is particularly true of entry-level and mid-priced diesel coaches, which often have sufficient power to get down the road, but add... Read more »

Hands On: ZipVac Portable Vacuum Sealing


Bob Livingston
February 16, 2012

Years ago we purchased a vacuum sealer to keep food fresh and prevent freezer burn. The system uses plastic bags that are sealed after the food is loaded. Then the air is sucked out of the bag. While the system works great, it’s pretty bulky for use in a motorhome. Using the same concept, but employing... Read more »

Dish Tailgater Makes Satellite TV Portable

Dish Tailgater

Bill and Jenn Gehr
February 16, 2012

In this day and age, we are bombarded with myriad impressive technological advances that make our lives more comfortable on the road. Entertainment is high on most of our lists, with a strong desire to have a decent channel lineup available to watch the TV of our choice, regardless of where we are. Satellite... Read more »

The Main Drain: Polychute Sewer Hose Review

Polychute RV Sewer Hose

December 23, 2011

Ah … the joys of motorhoming. While it is an amazing lifestyle, there are a few chores that are necessary but not very desirable. When it comes time to wrap things up and point toward another favorite campsite or home, the last item on the to-do list is usually dumping the holding tanks. Surely, with... Read more »

Temperature@lert Lets You Keep Tabs Electronically

Temperature @lert

November 2, 2011

If you travel with a pet and leave your family friend in your motorhome for a number of hours — or even most of the day — while you do some local touring, you’ll likely stress over how hot it’s going to get inside your coach. The scenario becomes even more agonizing when relying on campground... Read more »

Hands On: Awning Armor

Awning Pro-Tech Kit for RVs

October 12, 2011

One of the most commonly sought after and used RV accessories is the patio awning. Like many other motorhome appendages, required service and regular maintenance procedures keep these accessories working without failure. In the case of awnings, this usually means fully opening it, followed by a thorough... Read more »

Magellan GPS on Steroids

August 23, 2011

Having to ask your copilot for directions is quickly becoming a lost art. The proliferation of low-cost GPS devices has made travel to unfamiliar areas much more pleasant — and relatively argument free. Most devices are loaded with mapping and points of nterest, which are great for general travelers.... Read more »

Microsoft Streets & Trips National Parks Trivia Contest

August 22, 2011

 With gas prices on the rise, many people are looking for low-cost ways to travel. What many people don’t realize is that they likely live within a day’s drive of a national park. To give you inspiration to explore the parks in your own backyard, Microsoft is conducting a Cruisin’ the National... Read more »

Talking Safely on the Road

Parrot MINIKIT Smart

July 13, 2011

Talking on the phone while driving has become an institution on our highways, and doing so while trying to negotiate a high-profile motorhome presents a whole new set of safety issues. Many states have outlawed talking directly into a cellphone while driving, and for good reason: Most drivers can’t... Read more »

Hands On: Mobile Movie Server

Rocket Movie Server

June 17, 2011

Entertainment systems in motorhomes are becoming as common as kitchens. Lightweight, energy-efficient electronics make it possible to have audio and visual components that rival any stationary home. If you’re a movie buff, storing stacks of DVDs is as important as the daily staples. Fusion Research’s... Read more »

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