Breathe Deep

October 1, 2005

If your exhaust manifolds have started to leak this is a common ailment of older big-blocks, and demands immediate attention. Since repair work is necessary to prevent serious engine damage, take the opportunity to try some suggestions we had heard from other RVers. For more information on improving... Read more »

Boosting Big-Block Performance

October 1, 2005

There are as many ways to get more pulling power out of a big-block as there are choices in motorhomes. The key to the whole motorhome engine hot-rodding game is understanding the basics of how an engine works — and what makes it work even more efficiently. For more information on Boosting Big-Block... Read more »

Anatomy Lesson

July 1, 2005

Anatomy Lesson covers some of the different “anatomical” parts of a modern motorhome. It covers many of the unique features that make it a motorhome as well as things that you should know about for proper care and maintenance of your RV. To find out more about the anatomy of a motorhome click... Read more »

Control Your Dinghy

July 1, 2005

Supplemental braking systems, Some people want them out of necessity — most states require brakes on towed loads over a certain weight, and most chassis builders have a recommendation or requirement for them — while a few folks like to have it simply for the breakaway function. Roadmaster offers... Read more »

Central Park

June 1, 2005

The vast majority of motorhomes built through the years have had the engine at one end or the other. While the Spartan Chassis people may not have been first with the idea of putting the engine in the middle (and, in fact, at least two companies presently build mid-engine coaches), Spartan is currently... Read more »

A Guide to Slides

June 1, 2005

 In the RV world, the advent of the slideout room was clearly a watershed event. Few inventions have so drastically changed the way we use our motorhomes. Where the living space of it now takes on an almost infinite variety of shapes and floorplans. Pull into a campsite, push a few buttons — and your... Read more »

Campsite Power Gremlins

April 1, 2005

Campground power is not always as dependable as it could behaving bad power is often worse than having no power at all. At the very least, power quality problems can wreak havoc with the performance and longevity of your motorhome’s appliances. Of more importance is the fact that they can also be hazardous... Read more »

Powertrain Q & A: Dec 2003

December 1, 2003

Q.  Please explain the difference, if there is any, between winterized diesel fuel and No. 1 diesel fuel. I have been under the impression that there is no difference, but others say I’’m wrong.   –Hal Leroy, Bend, Oregon A.  As temperatures drop, diesel fuel thickens and begins to ... Read more »

Powertrain Q & A: Nov 2003

November 1, 2003

Q.  We have a 34-foot 1984 Fleetwood Southwind, which has been a great motorhome. I don’t want to ruin it while it is sitting in a storage lot. The coach has been stored for the first time in years, and it may be two to three years before I will be driving it at all. I have drained all the water... Read more »

Powertrain Q & A: Oct 2003

October 1, 2003

Q.  I’m having trouble starting the Cummins 260-hp diesel engine in my 2001 Holiday Rambler Ambassador. I turn on the key and wait until all the lights on the dash go out, including the WAIT TO START light. Turning the key over to the START position, nothing happens; no clicking, no starter noise,... Read more »

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