Dometic Issues Warning on Look-Alike RV Air Conditioners

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June 9, 2011

ELKHART, Ind. – Dometic is issuing a consumer warning that its Brisk Air RV air conditioner and heat pump models appear to have been counterfeited by a Chinese company and are now being sold into the RV industry under the brand name Advent.  Brad Sargent, vice president of marketing at Dometic, said... Read more »

Blowout Protection

April 1, 2007

Protecting yourself from a blowout-induced accident takes on an entirely new importance. Naturally, keeping your tires properly inflated and replacing them when necessary are important steps — but what can you do to protect yourself and your family beyond these measures? Tyron Automotive Group, USA... Read more »

Back to Basics: AC Generator Systems

March 1, 2007

Most motorhomes come with an onboard AC generator (genset) that supplies portable 120-volt AC power, allowing the coach systems to operate without having to plug in to the shorepower. These generators come in various sizes, with output ratings from about 2,500 to 20,000 watts (also expressed as 2.5 to... Read more »

Clearing the Air

February 1, 2007

New emissions regulations have changed the formulation of diesel fuel, as well as the engines that use it. And although there have been some doom-and-gloom predictions on the subject — mainly based on rumors of poor fuel economy and low power, and high cost considerations — all indications are that... Read more »

Back to Basics: Brake Systems

February 1, 2007

Stop! That’s what you want your coach’s brakes to do when you need them — but are they really up to it? And are you, as the driver? We usually take brakes for granted until something goes wrong, but these vital systems require knowledge, maintenance and proper technique to deliver top performance. For... Read more »

Back to Basics: LP-Gas Systems

January 1, 2007

Propane — more commonly known among RVers as liquefied petroleum or LP-gas — is an amazingly versatile and efficient fuel. Thanks to its high energy content and relatively low cost, LP-gas performs a host of vital functions in motorhomes, giving us hot meals, cold beverages, a soothing shower and... Read more »

Back to Basics: Current Events

November 1, 2006

A little knowledge sure doesn’t hurt, which is why MotorHome Magazine will begin offering short primers on the inner workings of a coach … and what better place to start than with electricity? For a basic guide on the electrical systems in your motorhome click here: Back to Basics:_Current Events.pdf... Read more »

Battery Basics

September 1, 2006

Motorhomes represent a significant evolution in design and comfort — but as they become more luxurious and complex, the electrical demands of increasingly sophisticated systems and appliances contained within them presents formidable challenges to storage batteries. The availability of multiple types... Read more »

Big Wheels Keep on Rollin'

April 1, 2006

If you were to break down the cost of any motorhome, one of the single most-expensive items would be the engine. Few other components demand such a breadth of materials, engineering skills, manufacturing prowess and service infrastructure. With diesel engines, this is doubly true: Not only do diesels... Read more »

Current Affairs

February 1, 2006

With the right ventilation devices in place and fully functioning, a constant flow of fresh air to the unit’s interior will be maintained and RVers, their pets and on-board gear will be protected from the inevitable consequences of sharing the air inside relatively confined living quarters. For more... Read more »

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