Battery Control Center

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

November 18, 2012

We have a 1999 Class A Damon Challenger and have had continuing issues with the battery control center. My first concern is that the isolator solenoid is continually hot to the touch. I can’t believe that this is how it should be. I would think this would be a big waste of power, not to mention the... Read more »

Water Pressure Loss

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

November 16, 2012

We are having a perplexing problem with our hot water tank. The pump is working properly, but we will lose pressure suddenly. We can restore pressure by opening and closing the cutoff on the front of the hot water tank. This does not completely solve the problem, since we have to do it over again, when... Read more »

Slipping Slideouts

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

November 14, 2012

We have a 2004 Providence motorhome with four slideouts. The bedroom slide is tilted forward causing closure difficulty because it is rubbing against the wall. Could you provide insight as to what may be causing this problem and how to repair it?Tony Romero | Via email It could be that a track or guide... Read more »

Sporadic Diesel Starting

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

November 11, 2012

I have a 2006 Fleetwood Expedition diesel-pusher motorhome that I purchased new. It has a 300-hp Caterpillar engine on a Freightliner chassis. The unit runs fine while operating it but when I stop and turn off the engine and then try to restart the engine a few minutes later, while still at operating... Read more »

Brake Warning Lights

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

November 9, 2012

We have a 2008 Georgetown model 373 Class A on a 2007 Ford F53 chassis with a V-10 engine. About half the time the parking brake light and brake reserve system light come on, sometimes for a short time, and other times for an extended length of time. Last fall they were on for 500 miles then off for... Read more »

Intermittent Generator Power

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

November 7, 2012

I have an Onan gasoline generator that starts and runs, but does not always supply power to the motorhome. Sometimes I get power and other times I have to turn off and restart the generator several times for it to work. Could the automatic transfer switch cause this? I do not have the coach connected... Read more »

Shifting Advice Revisited

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

Ken Freund
October 31, 2012

Your “Shifting Advice” in the July issue for the owner of the Ford E-450 chassis with a V-10 Triton engine and an automatic transmission may have been sufficient for that motorhome. But not all automatic transmissions will prevent over-rev when downshifting, nor will they upshift before reaching... Read more »

Intermittent Overheating II

ken freund

Ken Freund
October 29, 2012

In the August issue there was a technical question called “Intermittent Overheating.” One of the more common reasons for this problem is a loose water pump belt — a simple solution to what often appears to be a complex problem. It happened to me last summer and a mechanic in Sundance, Wyo., found... Read more »

Power Cord Adapters

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

Ken Freund
October 26, 2012

We have a Fleetwood Bounder motorhome with 30-amp service and we were staying at Havasu Springs RV Resort in Lake Havasu, Ariz. For some time I knew I needed a new shorepower cord. It kept tripping the power breakers in the motorhome and at the power pedestal, so I went to the local RV supply store and... Read more »

Generator Tip

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

Ken Freund
October 24, 2012

After reading the letter from Joe Scheuerman (“Fickle Generator”) in the June issue, I was reminded of a similar incident that happened to me with my generator and the solution I came up with. I had put my 28-foot Itasca Sunrise up for the winter and when I tried to start the generator in the spring... Read more »

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