Genset Grief

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

March 7, 2013

My 2000 motorhome has an Onan generator model 5BGEFA 26100P that I just had serviced at an Onan repair shop. This unit has been trouble since 2009 and at that time the genset was removed from the coach and decarbonized at an Onan shop in Connecticut. It ran for about two days on the way back south.  In... Read more »

Tow Dolly Question

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

March 5, 2013

We purchased a used Monaco 40-foot Class A motorhome with a 400-hp diesel engine. The car we want to tow is a 4,300-pound automatic front-wheel-drive automobile, so we will need a tow dolly. The tow dolly I am looking at has hydraulic disc brakes. Do I need to purchase an in-car electric brake system?Steve... Read more »

Bubbling Battery

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 28, 2013

This is in regard to “Battery Exploded” from Bobby Ratliff in the September 2012 issue. Your reply stated, “Weak or old batteries, particularly with faulty cells, tend to outgas even more.” About a year ago, I purchased and installed four 6-volt golf cart batteries made by a well-known manufacturer.... Read more »

Deep Draw

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 27, 2013

We have a 2002 Rexhall Rex Air 36-foot motorhome. The deep-cycle coach batteries have some sort of drain on them, even when we are plugged into a shoreline. We’ve tried disconnecting them via the switch, and leaving them connected with the same results. We have had service departments check it out... Read more »

Towing a 4×4 Conversion Van

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 24, 2013

I have a 2012 Chevrolet Express G3500 Duramax diesel van. It has a Quigley 4×4 conversion and I am using a Blue Ox tow bar. I would like to safely tow it behind my Prevost Liberty coach. Are there any fuses to pull, or do I just put the transmission and transfer case in neutral and leave the key... Read more »

Stalling Ford

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 23, 2013

We have a 2012 Tiffin Allegro Open Road with a Ford gas engine. Right after we purchased this coach, on our maiden trip going down a hill and then up at a fairly steep hill, the motorhome shut down. Nothing! We were in low and pushing up the hill. I took it back to the dealer, then to Ford, but no one... Read more »

Intermittent Failure to Start

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 22, 2013

I have a 1996 Fleetwood Bounder motor­home powered by a 7.5-liter Ford V-8. I have never had a problem with starting it until this year. It starts fine sometimes and only cranks over other times. When it wants to, it starts on the first crank and runs fine. I have checked all the fuses and all have... Read more »

Battery Disconnect Switches

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 21, 2013

I have a motorhome that I store for the summer months and try to start every 30 days to keep the battery up. The other day it wouldn’t start as the engine battery was dead. It did start using the switch on the dash that kicks in the coach batteries to assist, but I did not want to run around and burn... Read more »

Dinghy Battery Tip Two

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 18, 2013

This is in regard to “Dinghy Battery Tip” in the December 2012 issue. I have a 1995 Bounder that was having a moderate drain caused by various components when I wasn’t able to plug in. It drove me nuts until the light in my head switched on. I simply went to Harbor Freight and bought a $12.99 solar... Read more »

Blue Smoke & Sooty Mess

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

January 17, 2013

I have a 2005 Newmar Kountry Star 37.5-foot motorhome on a Workhorse W22 chassis powered by a GM 8.1-liter Vortec gas engine with 23,000 miles. I tow a white Jeep Liberty and always end up with dark soot on the Jeep and rear of the coach from the dual exhaust. I have noticed blue smoke when coasting... Read more »

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