Outfitting a Honda CR-V for Flat Towing

July 27, 2011

Once in a while, those of us who tow dinghy vehicles get into “oops” situations in which we need to unhitch the car and back out. Unfortunately, it may happen that the car is at too much of an angle relative to the motorhome, creating so much tension that we can’t release the tow bar arms. What... Read more »

Get Ready For Summer RV Trips

April 14, 2011

Now that the spring thaw is putting a bee in your bonnet to hit the open road, it’s time to prep your motorhome for summertime travels. Keep the following items on your checklist before you set out on the first trip of the season. For more summer travel tips, refer to the Getting Ready to Roll:... Read more »

Crossbar Disguise

dinghy crossbar cover

April 2, 2011

Keep the front of your dinghy vehicle looking sharp (and your knees protected) with the Nixtopper crossbar cover from Roadmaster. It fits onto any Roadmaster towing system that has a quick-disconnect release and is an easy and affordable way to keep the crossbar and brackets clean and ready to go the... Read more »

Demco Dominator Tow Bar

Demco Dominator Tow Bar

November 8, 2010

The ability to tow a dinghy is one of the many advantages of having a motorhome. It allows you the freedom to leave the rig at a campsite while you explore the surrounding area without worrying about finding suitable parking. Getting your dinghy set up for towing doesn’t have to be tricky, as the... Read more »

Towing Accessories

September 16, 2010

The research has been done, the financing aranged, the papers signed … and that new dinghy vehicle is now sitting in your driveway. You’ve shopped carefully to pick a model that’s certified by its manufacturer for flat-towing, you’ve checked the vehicle’s weight to confirm that it’s... Read more »

Dinghy Towing Checklists

September 16, 2010

Take a tip from pilots and make a written checklist for dinghy towing. Note all of the necessary steps to prepare your vehicle for towing behind your motorhome, including shift procedure, unlock steering, brake actuator, etc. Before setting off with a dinghy vehicle in tow, and each time you stop,... Read more »

Motorhome Terms Glossary

December 2, 2009

Glossary The following definitions for commonly used RV terms and abbreviations can be useful for new RVers and seasoned travelers alike.   120 AC/12 DC/LP-gas The power sources on which RV refrigerators operate; 120 AC is 120-volt alternating current (same as in houses); 12 DC is 12-volt direct current ... Read more »

Father-Son Team Has Plan for 'Hybrid Dinghy Pusher'

September 15, 2009

While the cost of fuel has put a damper on the travel plans of many Americans, one father-son engineering duo with a passion for RV travel is combating the problem by conceptualizing an electric-hybrid passenger vehicle with the ability to improve fuel economy and increase the acceleration of the motorhome... Read more »

Q & A: Tail Swing When Towing

August 17, 2009

Q: I have a 2003 Four Winds Chateau Sport 28-foot Class C motorhome. Because of the coach’s long rear overhang behind the rear wheels, am I going to have a problem towing a dinghy? I’d like to tow a 2005 Honda Element with five-speed manual that weighs about 4,000... Read more »

Check Engine Light

August 1, 2009

Over the years emission controls have become more and more complex, and the ubiquitous (and infamous) check engine light coming on has become one of the most common vehicular problems today. Now that diesels have these dreaded warning lamps too, nearly everyone can join in the... Read more »

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