Wall Hook Keyholder Help

Wall hook keyholder

March 29, 2013

I screwed various hooks into my motorhome’s walls in order to hold things such as keys, a small flashlight, a calendar, sunglasses, fuel discount cards, etc., but the hooks would work themselves loose in no time. I found that the thin plywood wall panels do not have enough material to hold the threads... Read more »

Stove Cover Adds Counter Space

Stove Cover Adds Space

March 27, 2013

I used some leftover laminate flooring to make a stove cover in my motorhome. It makes for excellent storage space when the stovetop is not being used. It also works well because the foam underneath serves as a noise buffer for rattling stove grids. The flooring is very durable, so I’m not concerned... Read more »

Freshwater Sun Protection

QuickTips Filler Image

February 21, 2013

We traveled to Texas in August for our shakedown cruise in our new coach. The first thing we found was the freshwater line got extremely warm while attached between the coach and the water supply. We tried to provide shade for it by tucking it under various objects, none of which worked well. While shopping... Read more »

Hanging Lights With Quick Clips

motorhome clip lights

February 14, 2013

We usually dry camp, so we bought some battery-operated Coleman string lights. To hang them, we use ID badge clips that we purchased in the stationery section at Walmart. The clips are very inexpensive, and now we can hang our lights just about anywhere. Ted and Michelle Pretty l Nova Scotia, Canada We... Read more »

Simple Shelf Improvement

Motorhome nightstand shelf

February 7, 2013

My motorhome doesn’t have a nightstand on the right-hand side of the bed. I needed something to hold my coffee cup, watch, etc. I made a shelf that fits on the sides of the top drawer. It has grooves on the underside and can be removed or slid back out of the way when not in use. PETE WIEJEK l CHEYENNE,... Read more »

Better Battery Access

battery case

February 1, 2013

Our house battery is in a vented battery box located in a storage area under the couch. Accessing the battery requires removing a dozen screws, some of which are difficult to reach. In order to connect an automatic charger or a digital multimeter directly to the battery terminals, I made jumper wires... Read more »

Compact Storage Solution


January 22, 2013

I carry 40 feet of sewer hose, which is cut into four 8- to 12-foot-long pieces, with each section fitted with connectors. This allows me to hook up easily in almost any RV park, no matter where the drain is located. My problem was how to store 40 feet of uncompacted hose in a storage bay. Since the... Read more »

Storage That Can Hang


January 15, 2013

We found our camper van did not have a place to put our stuff when we settled in for the night. Using some fabric that was very similar to the upholstery in the motorhome, I made a couple of these hanging storage bags. There is space to hold toiletries, a book, a water bottle and a pair of eyeglasses.... Read more »

Temperature-controlled Electronics


January 8, 2013

Our Monaco Class A has the TV and home theater components, as well as the DirecTV satellite receiver, in a compartment over the driver’s dash. With this area located against the roof and front windshield, the temperature inside can exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Since we listen to music via the DirecTV... Read more »

Mud Flap Reflection Correction

Mud Flap Reflection

December 25, 2012

When the two red reflector strips came unglued from my motorhome’s mud flaps, I found they were not available separately. I made a permanent fix by attaching scrap aluminum strips using stainless steel bolts and nuts where the original plastic units had been glued on. The aluminum is a bit larger to... Read more »

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