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Bayfield is well-known for its easy access to Apostle Islands National Lakeshore on Lake Superior.

Lake Superior Chowder

For many of us, March can be a cold, blustery month and there’s no better way to warm up than a rich, thick chowder...
Pet Seat covers - with poodle

SmartFit Premium Pet Seat Covers are Pet Protection

We love bringing our four-legged friends along for the ride, but the mess – and the damage – that can occur is often difficult...
Redzone Portable Gas Grill

Redzone Portable Gas Grill is a Tailgating King

Bringing along your grill is great for campsite barbecues, but the storage space it requires may have you thinking twice. With the Redzone Portable...
The Freys’ 1976 GMC Palm Beach still sports its original iconic lime-green exterior paint.

The Classic Ride: Retro Reliability

Durable 1973-1978 GMC motorhomes are true blasts from the past and still going strong This article is the next in our series looking at motorhomes...
The Back Harbour region provides the perfect setting for a Newfoundland “boil up” on the beach.

Road Foodie: Experience Twillingate

February is the month of love, and nothing says “I love you” better than your sweetheart’s favorite pie. Unfortunately, I’ve never mastered making a...
50 Years Anniversary Copy

50 Years of MotorHome: Pages From the Past

Retracing MotorHome’s January/February issues over the years After beginning life as an annual buyers guide in 1968 and in response to popular demand, MotorHome Life...
Zippo/Case Museum features a giant three-blade pocket knife and a 40-foot-tall flickering neon Zippo lighter.

A Cut Above and Hotter than Ever

The Case knife and the Zippo lighter live on as icons of camping and RVing A rural and deceptively sleepy town, Bradford, Pennsylvania, offers visitors...
Duop Mop

The Duop Cleaning System: Compact Versatility

While cleaning your motorhome is an important task, packing a variety of single-purpose tools to do so can be a frustrating waste of space....
4WD means Sura can build sandcastles at her campsite.

Great (Serro) Scotty Transformation Projects

The Classic Ride: Two of Serro’s nimble Class C motorhomes find new life with two very different sets of owners “Where we’re going, we don’t...
Humble Beginnings The first issue of MotorHome Life featured a simple format and some now-retro fun, including this ad for a product offering owners an easy way to dump the motorhome’s holding tanks.

50 years of MotorHome: Pages From the Past

Revisiting MotorHome’s inaugural issue “It was only a couple of years ago that except for one-of-a-kind custom specials, mostly homemade, you could read through the...


A Dometic RV refrigerator with doors open

Dometic’s RMD 10 a Cool add to Your RV

Dometic’s new generation RMD 10 series refrigerator is now available to consumers. Previously available only at the manufacturer level, the popular RMD 10 features...
Roadmaster Brake Monitor kit

Peace of Mind: Universal Brake Monitor and Switch

One of the biggest concerns a motorhome owner has while towing is the state of the dinghy vehicle’s brakes. Are they even being applied?...
Trillium Battery

Motorhome Battery Upgrade

Trojan Battery Co. announces the Trillium line of Intelligent Lithium batteries. With life expectancy of more than 5,000 cycles, Trillium batteries maximize total energy...
Furrion Wi-Fi System

RV Wi-Fi

Furrion helps RV owners stay connected on the road. We all depend on a reliable signal and Wi-Fi routing for many of our everyday activities,...
The Clearsource kit includes sediment and coconut shell activated carbon block filters. Plastic wrench, supplied with the system, is used to remove canisters and access filters.

Clean Water on the Road: Clearsource RV Water Filters

Clearsource premium two-canister RV-specific system, tucked into a stout housing, removes much of the bad stuff while streamlining the process