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ecocamel shower head

Ecocamel’s Orbit: Singing in the Shower

This innovative showerhead reduces consumption while pushing out a stronger stream of softer water – and can be fitted with an optional massaging feature Most...
MotorHome August - 50 Years

Pages From the Past: 50 Years of MotorHome Magazine

Retracing MotorHome’s August issues over the years The emergence of MotorHome Life in the summer of 1968 marked the beginning of a new era in...
MotorHome magazine at 50 years

Pages From the Past

Retracing MotorHome’s July issues over the years Fireworks. Like brilliant, multihued supernovas, they dominate the skyline this time of year. They are a symbol of...
Forest River bunk beds

A Lot of Bunk

Whether entry-level gas or luxury diesel, today’s family-friendly motorhomes offer something for everybody To the uninitiated, the world of motorhomes must seem a strange and...
With their binoculars, Logan and Jack check out the Badlands landscape. We’re now officially in the Wild West!

A Trip for the Ages

One total solar eclipse, tow grandkids, 10 days and 2,395 miles equals memories that last a lifetime! Each September, we leave our home on the...
50th Anniversary logo

Going for the Gold

As MotorHome turns 50, we take a look at how motorized RVing has evolved along with the times There’s a reason that the 50th anniversary...
Motorhome 50 Years Logo

MotorHome Magazine Celebrates Golden Anniversary

The year was 1968. A gallon of gas was 34 cents, the Green Bay Packers were victorious in Super Bowl II and bands like...

A Whale of a Motorhome

The Chevrolet Corvair Ultra Van evokes imagery associated with the massive aquatic mammals, and owners of the rare coaches are happy campers The year 1960...
Motorhome 50 Years

Pages From the Past

Retracing MotorHome’s June issues over the years We often trumpet the forward-thinking mentality of MotorHome in this monthly look into the magazine’s distinguished past. But,...
SUP picture

Get Healthy: It’s SUP to You!

A stand-up paddleboard is a great way to get in shape while enjoying the outdoors We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15,” the unfortunate weight...


Furrion Wi-Fi System

RV Wi-Fi

Furrion helps RV owners stay connected on the road. We all depend on a reliable signal and Wi-Fi routing for many of our everyday activities,...
The Clearsource kit includes sediment and coconut shell activated carbon block filters. Plastic wrench, supplied with the system, is used to remove canisters and access filters.

Water Filtration by Clearsource

Clearsource premium two-canister RV-specific system, tucked into a stout housing, removes much of the bad stuff while streamlining the process

Motorhome Gear: Movie Magic

When it comes to movies, the bigger, the better. The new Cinemood Portable Movie Theater takes it to the next level, providing up to...

Gimme a Boost

Wilson Electronics announces the weBoost Connect RV 65, a cellular signal booster designed to provide a solid signal while your motorhome is in camp....
Source of Stability: A few Source Engineering suspension modifications on motorhomes sitting atop the popular Freightliner XC chassis make a dramatic difference in handling and ride.

Smooth Sailing: Motorhome Suspension Upgrade

A simple yet well-engineered suspension upgrade from Source Engineering takes the rock-and-roll out of Freightliner XC-based motorhomes with I-beam front suspensions, improving handling and...