Camp Cooking

Simple and easy recipes and food ideas for around the campfire or on the road in your motorhome

flaky crois­sants, is made in-house at Hotel Saskatchewan.

Sampling Regina, Saskatchewan

  Big skies and world class restaurants will highlight a trip to western Canada Winter is a great time to begin travel planning a road trip...

Road Foodie: Zucchini Zone

  Last summer, I returned home from a 10-day motorhome trip to monster zucchinis growing in my garden. No matter how much I begged, I...
As the weather cools ocean waters, it’s the perfect time for fresh oyster dishes.

Road Foodie: Holiday Baked Oysters

  A Holiday Dish That Might Just Change Your Mind About This Showy Shellfish Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. Our holiday...
A single artichoke plant will produce several artichokes each season for 5-10 years.

Road Foodie: Grilled Holiday Artichokes

During the holidays, we always make some traditional dishes, but I like to find something to add a new “wow” to the table. This...


Furrion Wi-Fi System

RV Wi-Fi

Furrion helps RV owners stay connected on the road. We all depend on a reliable signal and Wi-Fi routing for many of our everyday activities,...
The Clearsource kit includes sediment and coconut shell activated carbon block filters. Plastic wrench, supplied with the system, is used to remove canisters and access filters.

Water Filtration by Clearsource

Clearsource premium two-canister RV-specific system, tucked into a stout housing, removes much of the bad stuff while streamlining the process

Motorhome Gear: Movie Magic

When it comes to movies, the bigger, the better. The new Cinemood Portable Movie Theater takes it to the next level, providing up to...

Gimme a Boost

Wilson Electronics announces the weBoost Connect RV 65, a cellular signal booster designed to provide a solid signal while your motorhome is in camp....
Source of Stability: A few Source Engineering suspension modifications on motorhomes sitting atop the popular Freightliner XC chassis make a dramatic difference in handling and ride.

Smooth Sailing: Motorhome Suspension Upgrade

A simple yet well-engineered suspension upgrade from Source Engineering takes the rock-and-roll out of Freightliner XC-based motorhomes with I-beam front suspensions, improving handling and...