Full-Timer Transition at Cal-Am Resort’s Superstition Views

Cal-Am Resort's Superstition Views

Jeff Crider
Photos: Cal-Am Resorts
March 28, 2013

In many ways, Jill and Clint Baumann are deep into the motorhome lifestyle and love it. They have been full-time RVing for almost 12 years, with children and grandchildren spread across California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Michigan. Superstition Views kitchen & dining... Read more »

Shakedown Cruise

Shakedown Cruise

Bill Estes
March 22, 2013

In the interest of avoiding unpleasant surprises, a shakedown trip should be No. 1 on the travel plan after acquiring a new or used motorhome. Motorhomes are more complex than other types of RVs, and if there are any glitches they should be discovered within a reasonably short distance from the seller... Read more »

Mad for Mudbugs

At Jake’s Famous Crawfish

Bobbie Hasselbring
March 15, 2013

Mudbug. Crayfish. Mudpup. Crawdaddy. Crawfish. Whatever you call them, those little warm water crustaceans are delicious, relatively inexpensive, easy to cook and make a fun food to try while you’re on the road. Crawfish Second cousin to the larger and more expensive Maine lobster, crawfish are small... Read more »

15 Exercises to Keep You Fit

Quad Stretch

Mary Zalmanek
March 7, 2013

I love everything about traveling in a motorhome except for the long hours sitting while we drive from point A to point B. Even when I am passing the time looking at enchanting scenery and listening to engrossing audiobooks, it is still too much sitting for me.   An article in Men’s Health called... Read more »

A Quick Guide to Generator Care and Maintenance

When the generator cover has been removed, take this opportunity to give an overall visual inspection for any disconnected or loose wires as well as oil or fuel leaks. Gently clean out dirt or cobweb build up as you familiarize yourself with the normal appearance of your generator before there is a problem.

Bill and Jenn Gehr
March 1, 2013

Much of the freedom we enjoy by traveling in a motorhome can be attributed to the benefits of self-containment, which is supported in large part by the onboard AC generator. Travel anywhere you wish and with the push of a button, you have full access to myriad options such as heating food in the microwave,... Read more »

Road Foodie: A Taste of Wenatchee Valley, WA

Saddle Rock Pub

Bobbie Hasselbring
Photos: Anne Weaver
February 6, 2013

Wenatchee Valley, on the east side of Washington’s Cascade Mountains, is a high-desert agricultural oasis well known for growing some of the finest wine grapes, apples and pears in the Northwest. Its golden, rolling hills also make it a terrific destination for an RV trip — and a great place for... Read more »

Sun Power

The Solar Boost 2512iX charge controller

Bill Estes
February 5, 2013

While motorhomes are reasonably well equipped for dry camping — boondocking, as it’s often called — many come up short of 12-volt DC reserve power except in limited use. The result may be extended use of an AC generator for battery recharging, which can be annoying. Solar panels, consisting of... Read more »


Island Creek Oyster Bar

Bobbie Hasselbring
January 16, 2013

You either love them or hate them. Oysters. Those gnarly-shelled bivalves generate strong reactions, from devotees waxing poetic about the best varieties to those who can’t stomach the squishy, slightly slimy creatures. I was in the latter camp for years. I couldn’t understand why people paid $1... Read more »

RV Financing Options At A Glance


Chuck Campbell
December 18, 2012

  Unless you’ve been living off the grid somewhere with no news coming in, or just don’t keep up with current events, you would know that interest rates on new and used RV loans, as well as opportunities to refinance such vehicles, are at an all-time low. As a result of this current financial... Read more »

Unplugged RVing — Getting off the beaten path


December 10, 2012

Going without hookups is not for everyone. But, for motorhomers who like the idea of getting off the beaten path, it’s a way to occasionally or frequently expand our horizons. Full self-containment capability is built into virtually all motorhomes, with such items as auxiliary (house) batteries, fresh-water storage,... Read more »

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