The Classic Ride: A Good Foundation

July 20, 2017

  With its solid structure, this 1994 Gulf Stream Scenic Cruiser 34 has enabled one handy RVer to transform an old coach into a modern masterpiece This article is part of a continuing series looking at motorhomes that have stood the test of time. They may have miles under their wheels, but they... Read more »

Road Foodie: Pecan Pralines, Please

Classic Southern pralines substitute the traditional almonds or hazelnuts with locally grown pecans.

July 20, 2017

  When summer heats up, nobody wants to bake, but your sweet tooth may still crave a sugary treat. That’s where pecan pralines come in. This Southern candy/cookie doesn’t require heating your home or RV oven. It’s quick to make on the stovetop and its melt-in-your-mouth goodness will make... Read more »

Motorhome Nomenclature

By Chris Dougherty
June 21, 2017

  Whether it’s a Class A, B or C, we take the confusion out of motorhome categories Classes of motorhomes sometimes create confusion, especially to those new to RVing. Even those with RV experience can, at times, get the classes mixed up when changing from one type of motorhome to another.The... Read more »

2017 Readers’ Choice Awards: You Decide the Winners!

June 13, 2017

  MotorHome’s sixth-annual RV poll It’s that time of year again! Cast your votes in MotorHome’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards where you share your knowledge with fellow RVers. Each year we conduct an online poll of readers’ favorite RV brands, products and destinations. Take a few minutes... Read more »

The Classic Ride: A Touch of Destiny

By Ann Eichenmuller
May 22, 2017

  A 2002 Chinook Class C 24-footer is a perfect match for one happy motorhome owner This article is part of a continuing series looking at motorhomes that have stood the test of time. They may have miles under their wheels, but they can still make dreams come true. Each has earned the right to... Read more »

Celebrate the ‘Stinking Rose’

By Bobbie Hasselbring
May 22, 2017

  Garlic is one of my favorite seasonings, second only to salt. I realized how much I use garlic when we recently hosted a friend who is severely allergic to both garlic and onion. I practically had to relearn to cook! I love garlic’s versatility. I cut off the top of an entire head and pour on... Read more »

Motorhome Multitasking

By Randy Springer
April 28, 2017

  So, what else can I do with this thing? The most common reasons people buy a motorhome are to travel the country, to go camping and to view nature in all its splendor. But when you’re not out on the road, you have a very expensive vehicle sitting unused somewhere in a parking spot. But what... Read more »

The Classic Ride: DIY Dream Ride

By Ann Eichenmuller
April 26, 2017

  Left for dead after a damaging refrigerator fire, a salvaged 2003 Coachmen Cross Country Elite has been resurrected to custom-coach majesty Michelangelo once said that every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. That is a quote that Lamar Johnson... Read more »

Classic Ride: It’s a Family Affair

By Ann Eichenmuller
March 30, 2017

  A tale of two motorhomes, three decades and four generations We get a lot of things from our families: our grandmother’s eyes, our uncle’s forehead, our father’s adventurous spirit and so on. But for the Elliotts, their inheritance wasn’t limited to just the love of travel — they also... Read more »

Road Foodie: Welcome to Pearadise

At least 10 different varieties of pears grow in North America.

By Bobbie Hasselbring
March 28, 2017

  There are times of the year when berries, cherries, peaches and other fresh fruits are readily available. April isn’t necessarily one of those months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy fabulous fruit desserts. That’s where dried fruits come in, and dried pears are one of the... Read more »

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